sarah rose kim



about me

︎1st gen american born korean
︎nyu tisch school of the arts // class of 2020
︎BFA in Dance, minor in The Business of Entertainment, Media & Technology
︎los angeles, ca ︎︎︎ brooklyn, ny

Sarah lives and works in New York city.

Her roots are driven within the art of dance + movement:
An idiosyratic practice that aims for a balance between refined technique + raw exploration.
A lifelong dedication driven by passion.

Her refined physical awareness + mental discipline has developed beyond the studio,
allowing her to reimagine the world, its surfaces + objects.
To harmonize with unconscious human responses while challenging + stimulating it.

Her approach usually involves three elements: play, elevation, and function.
These components offer a ways of deconstructing and investigating
new perspectives and intentions for both the unknown + the familiar.

She is half of an ongoing project, homeroom,that she has created with: David Zhang.
Together they stand in a bare room,
intending to fill it with simple + practical objects that elicit a sense of comfort + warmth.
The first object is a soft yet vibrant source of light using wood, ricepaper, and paint.
They envision lengthy tables, soft floors + doors that slide not slam. 
Homeroom is the unfolding manifestation of ideas come to life, made with love.


second avenue dance company ‘19


choreography: Sarah Kim + Safiya Haque music: “In the Fog I” Tim Hecker lighting design: Micheal cunningham costumes/styling: Sarah Kim&Safiya Haque performers: Sarah Kim&Safiya Haque

Piece Description MetaLines is a collaborative exploration
that focuses on the concept of representing
two sides of a singular body + mind.
By integrating different qualities + textures , the choreographers were able to generate movement from one another that represented
their similarities as well as their differences.
They focused on movement as movement itself rather than a tangible feeling or emotion.
Through the collaboration of the different dynamics of their own two bodies, their aim is to
contexualize the idea of occupying
one body that holds two opposing sides.