about me

︎1st gen american born korean
︎nyu tisch school of the arts // class of 2020
︎BFA in Dance, minor in The Business of Entertainment, Media & Technology
︎los angeles, ca ︎︎︎ brooklyn, ny

Sarah lives and works in New York city.

Her roots are driven within the art of dance + movement:
An idiosyratic practice that aims for a balance between refined technique + raw exploration.
A lifelong dedication driven by passion.

Her refined physical awareness + mental discipline has developed beyond the studio,
allowing her to reimagine the world, its surfaces + objects.
To harmonize with unconscious human responses while challenging + stimulating it.

Her approach usually involves three elements: play, elevation, and function.
These components offer a ways of deconstructing and investigating
new perspectives and intentions for both the unknown + the familiar.

She is half of an ongoing project, homeroom,that she has created with: David Zhang.
Together they stand in a bare room,
intending to fill it with simple + practical objects that elicit a sense of comfort + warmth.
The first object is a soft yet vibrant source of light using wood, ricepaper, and paint.
They envision lengthy tables, soft floors + doors that slide not slam. 
Homeroom is the unfolding manifestation of ideas come to life, made with love.